Raven Hill Meadows

Raven Hill Meadows is a small farm specializing in breeding purebred, registered North Country Cheviot sheep. Our focus on hardiness, maternal traits, performance and the ability to do well on pasture is providing us with a flock of ewes that are hardy, efficient and thrifty mothers. We especially like their ability to do well on Canada’s west coast. We’re proud of our animals and look forward to sharing them with the rest of the world.

Our farming methods are largely traditional with a touch of environmental sustainability tossed into the mix. We try to have a small environmental footprint, relying largely on organic methods of growing, pest control and fertilization. We can’t get enough compost!

Raven Hill’s mission is to provide high-quality seed stock to like-minded shepherds, maintaining the quality of our flock and improving each generation of Raven Hill lambs for replacement or sale to others.

We believe in supporting our local community, in public service and in giving back to the farming community on Vancouver Island in any positive way that we can.

We practice bio-security protocols so casual visits to the farm are not encouraged. Contact us if you would like to view our flock.

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