Displaying Cheviot Sheep in Duncan

Displaying Cheviot Sheep in Duncan

The week after we were at the Saanich Fair, we headed to the Cowichan Exhibition to display the sheep. Last year they didn’t have any sheep and many people were disappointed. So this year we agreed to display our North Country Cheviot sheep, along with the Wytink’s North Country Cheviots. Back into the trailer went the sheep on Thursday night. They were much calmer this time around.

We had to be set up and ready for the public on Friday morning. One thing we weren’t happy about was that there was only wood shavings supplied for the stalls. We were sharing space in the barn with the miniature horses (so cute!) but we needed straw for the stalls. Wood shavings are really bad for sheep to bed down in because it gets into their wool and is really hard to get out.


Donald was very comfortable in his stall.

We ended up making a base of wood chips and then using straw from the trailer to make do for the night. We both brought bales of straw Friday morning and added a good layer in the stalls for the sheep.


The Wytink’s have been taking their North Country Cheviot sheep to fairs and shows for many years and they have their set-up routine down pat. We were displaying sheep for educational purposes so Deborah brought posters and pamphlets. They also have beautiful woolen samples that people can feel and touch.


Since we had to be at the barn from 9 am to 9 pm so Keith and I took shifts each day. We would get there before 8 am to feed and water all the sheep before the crowds started pouring in and then one of us would head home at 6 pm to put the sheep to bed and the other stayed late at the Fair to answer any questions and do a late feed.


Don and Keith did clipping demonstrations on Sunday that the kids loved to watch. I took Donald for a walk around the grounds and everyone wanted to pat him on the head. I explained that since he was a ram, it was a good idea to feel his wool on his back and stay away from his face.


The girls were happy to munch away on their hay and let all the kids feel their wool through the stall slots.


We took turns staying with the sheep and exploring the other barns at the Fair. I was amazed at the variety of rabbit breeds and was very impressed at how the 4-H kids handled their calves.



This little calf was only 4 days old! What a sweet face.


I think these Indian Runner duck are so cool. They are graceful, walking everywhere and I like the noise they make – just a quiet burble.

By the time we got home on Sunday night, everyone was pretty tired. The lambs jumped out of the trailer like pro’s and let us lead them down the hill to the stable. That’s all the excitement for this year. Now we know what to expect when we travel to the All Canada Sheep Classic Show and Sale, in Red Deer, Alberta, on June 29 – July 1, 2017.

Wish us luck!


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