Roses and poppies

Roses and poppies

I have been collecting, growing and propagating roses for many years and brought quite a few with me to this garden. Funny thing is I find that Margaret had been growing alot of the same roses that I have, so my roses are blending in here quite well. I hope I can get her to ID the roses because I like have them tagged. This is only a small sample of what is blooming in the yard right now.


Abraham Darby



I also brought some roses that my friend Fiona gave me for safe keeping. So I am calling this rose ‘Fiona’. It matches her sparkly personality.


This miniature rose was a present from one of my dear friends. It is gorgeous and has multi-coloured buds on it.


This is a climbing New Dawn that is draping itself all over the small patio pond. I wasn’t sure what it was until I saw that my cuttings in a bucket nearby were identical.


Think this is a Peace rose. One of the roses that I am rehabbing along the fence in the yard.


This is another of Margaret’s roses that I pruned heavily last fall and am coaxing along.


This is a cutting of a climber that I brought and I am happy to see it blooming. When we redo the arbours on the patio I will make sure it has lots of room to move.


This rose smells amazing! I moved this very large rose from the patio to sit below the rock wall by the giant fig tree. It had a great flush of colour a few weeks ago and is settling in well.


I know I shouldn’t be taking photos in the glare of the afternoon sun but I wanted to get evidence of this bloom before I pruned this plant back to ground.


This pollinator mix came with our seed order from West Coast Seeds and is going strong in the veggie garden. And the bees and hummingbirds do appreciate it.


Purple poppy shot. Going to save these seeds and share them with my friends.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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