This looks familiar

This looks familiar

We took possession of this property a year ago this week. I remember sitting on the patio the day we got the keys and marvelling at the heavenly smell of the lillies. They were about the only thing not pummelled by the drought. We sat and looked around and couldn’t believe where we were and that we actually owned this beautiful piece of land.


Here we are a year later in another drought and they are proving to be a clutch performer.


So I have done my year of observing the garden and am starting to make changes in the landscape. This patio will be getting a makeover in the next year. Its a good thing there are plants growing on the pergolas and arbors because otherwise they would be caving in and falling over. Old charm is one thing, walking under a hazard is another.


Thank goodness we bumped into our builder/handyman at the grocery store a few weeks back. He helped construct the lattice wall and pergola at our old house as well as all the fencing and some furniture. We will be creating the same lattice wall in this photo at a 3′ height around the east side of the patio around the hot tub for privacy. And replacing the pergola over the steps and the rose arbor by the back door.


Now I can start redesigning the beds and moving some of the plants and bulbs around. I decided that we needed some formal edging on the patio and have installed a boxwood hedge inside the planting bed. I purchased these plants from the farmers market a few weeks ago and have been trying to keep them well watered. I knew I had to get them in the ground even if it is not planting season. Five of them look pretty beat up so I decided the ones in the worst shape would go over to the left of the stairs by the pond.


This morning I had to do a hard pruning on the most effected plants. Hopefully they will flush out with new growth.


I haven’t had much luck with clematis so I am happy that this one is blooming its little head off at the top of the stairs.


The birds have planted sunflowers in the new bed at the front. These were a nice surprise and are very cheerful – and the bees appreciate them too.


I am finding it really hard to take decent photos of the veggie garden. Everyone is lamenting the lack of rain again this year and because we are so low on water as it is I am putting the soaker hoses to good use. On the left is quinoa; next row are broad beans which I have never grown before; 3 types of kale in the next row, I am giving lots of this away to my girlfriends (and their husbands or boyfriends are making faces because they hate it!); and then our peas are on the far right. I screwed up and planted the shorter shelling peas behind the snap peas so it has been a challenge to harvest these properly. Always next year, right?


This is what the quinoa looks like up close. Kind like a weed you would pull out if you didn’t know what it is. The mature seedhead will dry and that is how we get quinoa. Who knew eh?


How hot is it in the greenhouse? Oh about 60 degrees. This lemon cucumber has become a monster and loves the heat! They become bright yellow when mature. I picked a few last night and peeled them for lunch today with a little vinegar. So refreshing.


These tomatoes are really happy and are handling the heat so much better than the ones that I put in pots. I know I should have pruned these ones back but I just want to see how crazy they will get and I am happy that they are not showing any signs of bottom rot, unlike the potted ones.


I am including this orchid shot because I want to remember what it looks like. This came as a housewarming present last November. I have never been able to get an orchid to rebloom before so I am pretty thrilled. This east facing garden window in the kitchen has been the perfect spot for it.

Its a long weekend here in Canada, so Happy BC Day, everyone. Cheers!

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